Online citizen science games: opportunities for the biological sciences

December 1, 2014

Recent developments in digital technologies and the rise of the internet have created new opportunities for citizen science. One of these has been the development of online citizen science games where complex research problems have […]

Eterna: Scientific rigor through videogames

November 15, 2014

A growing spate of controversies, retractions, and fraud cases highlight the susceptibility of modern biology to untruths. Despite an elaborate peer review system, issues such as data manipulation, lack of reproducibility, lack of predictive tests, […]

Playing with science:gamised aspects of gamification found on the Online Citizen Science Project – Zooniverse

October 24, 2014

This paper examines incidents of play, socialisation, fun and amusement to consider how these forms of social interaction relate to the serious gaming elements of the citizen science platform. Through an ethnographic study we reveal […]

Addictive online games make citizen science a hit

August 18, 2014

Addictive online games make citizen science a hit Ladan Cockshut, Durham University A few days ago, I was an astrophysicist and contributed to a research project by organising sunspot images in order of complexity. After […]

MIT Video Game Uses Crowdsourcing to Successfully Map the Brain

August 14, 2014

Join 130,000 People from 145 Countries Already Helping Neuroscience Those who think that scientists are all work and no play haven’t met MIT scientist Sebastien Seung (@SebastianSeung). In his quest to map the cells in […]

Microtask crowdsourcing for disease mention annotation in PubMed abstracts

August 5, 2014

Identifying concepts and relationships in biomedical text enables knowledge to be applied in computational analyses. Many biological natural language process (BioNLP) projects attempt to address this challenge, but the state of the art in BioNLP […]

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