Beyond today’s crowdsourced science to tomorrow’s citizen science cyborgs

December 10, 2015

Beyond today’s crowdsourced science to tomorrow’s citizen science cyborgs Kevin Schawinski, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Millions of citizen scientists have been flocking to projects that pool their time and brainpower to tackle big […]

Citizen science games: the ultimate list

December 10, 2015

Citizen science games: the ultimate list This week, by request: a huge list of citizen science games you can play and enjoy while contributing to the greater good. Go have fun! Astro Drone – Created […]

Quantum Moves: Games as a Platform for Student Participation in Authentic Scientific Research

November 5, 2015

This paper presents results from the design and testing of an educational version of Quantum Moves, a Scientific Discovery Game that allows players to help solve authentic scientific challenges in the effort to develop a […]

Play or science?: a study of learning and framing in crowdscience games

October 23, 2015

Crowdscience games may hold unique potentials as learning opportunities compared to games made for fun or education. They are part of an actual science problem solving process: By playing, players help scientists, and thereby interact […]

Designing for Dabblers and Deterring Drop-Outs in Citizen Science

October 18, 2015

In most online citizen science projects, a large proportion of participants contribute in small quantities. To investigate how low contributors differ from committed volunteers, we distributed a survey to members of the Old Weather project, […]

Motivation to Participate in an Online Citizen Science Game – A Study of Foldit

October 11, 2015

Online citizen science projects have the potential to engage thousands of participants with scientific research. A small number of projects such as Foldit use an online computer game format. Motivation to participate in Foldit was […]

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