The developers behind Turbulence

October 21, 2017

We (ScienceAtHome) launched a new game, ‘Turbulence’, earlier this month and have already talked a lot about the science behind the game and the design. It’s a very special game both design- and science-wise and […]

Design approach in citizen science games, until EVE Online and Project Discovery

October 14, 2017

In my first post, I introduced briefly a collection of games that let players contribute to science. They are called citizen science games. They are a collaboration between players and scientists to solve real scientific […]

Sea Hero Quest preprint is out:
Global determinants of navigation ability

September 18, 2017

Human cognitive strategies vary across nations and cultures. However, it is unknown whether the cognitive strategies of nations are randomly distributed or whether groups of countries are clustered by similar cognitive profiles. Using a mobile-based […]

Online game turns web users of all ages into Alzheimer’s fighters

September 12, 2017

Thousands of internet users, of all ages, are playing an online game all around the world to help researchers fast track the fight against the Alzheimer’s disease. Stall Catchers, launched nearly a year ago, has […]

Sea Hero Quest, now in Virtual Reality

September 2, 2017

Players can help scientists fight dementia, in Virtual Reality Alzheimer’s Research UK has teamed up with Deutsche Telekom to release Sea Hero Quest in Virtual Reality (VR). The game, in which players help scientists understand […]

Gene editing technologies smarter and safer with EteRNA

August 30, 2017

Eterna just announced the launch of #opencrispr. CRISPR is a genome editing technology used for therapeutics and molecular medicine. Players will help discover principles and RNA molecules that could turn CRISPR on and off, and […]

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