Foldit Standalone: a video game-derived protein structure manipulation interface using Rosetta

Foldit Standalone is an interactive graphical interface to the Rosetta molecular modeling package. In contrast to most command-line or batch interactions with Rosetta, Foldit Standalone is designed to allow easy, real-time, direct manipulation of protein structures, while also giving access to the extensive power of Rosetta computations.

Derived from the user interface of the scientific discovery game Foldit (itself based on Rosetta), Foldit Standalone has added more advanced features and removed the competitive game elements. Foldit Standalone was built from the ground up with a custom rendering and event engine, configurable visualizations, and interactions driven by Rosetta.

Foldit Standalone contains, among other features: electron density and contact map visualizations, multiple sequence alignment tools for template-based modeling, rigid body transformation controls, RosettaScripts support, and an embedded Lua interpreter.

DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btx283

Kleffner R, Flatten J, Leaver-Fay A, Baker D, Siegel JB, Khatib F, Cooper S.

Read the publication on the ncbi website:

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