Gene editing technologies smarter and safer with EteRNA

Eterna just announced the launch of #opencrispr. CRISPR is a genome editing technology used for therapeutics and molecular medicine.

Players will help discover principles and RNA molecules that could turn CRISPR on and off, and help design guide. “Scientists want the power to turn on and off CRISPR on demand with small molecules. This is almost a perfect match to the small-molecule switches that the Eterna community has been working on in recent years. In fact, the MS2 RNA hairpin we often use in Eterna is routinely used to recruit new functionality to CRISPR complexes through other molecules tethered to the MS2 protein.”

Profs. Jennifer Doudna and Will Greenleaf explain this in some detail in this video.

Their goal is to get up to 94,000 solutions. If they succeed, they will test all the RNAs in their experimental pipeline in 2018.

More info on their website:

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