Addressing Big Data Challenges in Neuroscience


Global neuroscience projects are producing big data at an unprecedented rate that informatic and artificial intelligence (AI) analytics simply cannot handle.

Online games, like Foldit, Eterna, and Eyewire and now a new neuroscience game, Mozak—are fueling a people-powered research science (PPRS) revolution, creating a global community of “new experts” that over time synergize with computational efforts to accelerate scientific progress, empowering us to use our collective cerebral talents to drive our understanding of our brain.


“The development of the Enigma machine occurred after Alan Turing recruited creative problem solvers (many of whom were women whose career paths had not allowed them access to the hallowed halls of academia) by placing puzzles in newspapers to recruit ‘‘lay’’ alternative thinkers to the teams of mathematicians he had assembled.”

“By taking scientific challenges online in stimulating ways, we tap into the intellectual energy of the planet by creating access to people of all ages who have the potential for making discoveries from open shared data.”


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