The developers behind Turbulence

October 21, 2017

We (ScienceAtHome) launched a new game, ‘Turbulence’, earlier this month and have already talked a lot about the science behind the game and the design. It’s a very special game both design- and science-wise and […]

Interview with Egle Marija Ramanauskaite (Stall Catchers) on

February 7, 2017

Finally, we’re bringing this awesome research to the public. A citizen science expert, science writer, and educator, Egle Marija is currently the citizen science coordinator for the Human Computation Institute, where she focuses on on […]

Quantum Minds: Gateway to Your Learning Patterns – Interview with Jana Jarecki

January 10, 2017

During the past year, we gave a lot of attention to our flagship game Quantum Moves, but ScienceAtHome research doesn’t end here. We are not only focused on the best solutions to move the atoms, […]

Games, Science, and Citizen Science: Vito Servedio’s interview on

September 22, 2016

Games, Science, and Citizen Science: An interview with Vito Servedio, Institute of Complex Systems The Citizen Science Association is re-energizing a series of interviews with citizen scientists and citizen science enthusiasts. This month, Çiğdem Adem […]

Game dev and quantum science, interview with Dr. James Wootton (Decodoku) for SGDA

September 16, 2016

Games as a versatile medium entertain us as much as they can contribute to scientific research as Serious Games. We had the great opportunity to talk about «Gaming for Science» with Dr. James Wootton, SGDA […]

Daniel Levine interviews Andrew Su about his project Mark2Cure

February 5, 2015

RARECast: Tapping the Public to Keep Scientists Current on Rare Disease Research The search for cures for diseases is limited by the ability of scientists to consume and understand the rapidly expanding volumes of biomedical […]

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