The Crowd & The Cloud – The first episode of the TV series features Stall Catchers

March 10, 2017

The Crowd & The Cloud is a TV series focusing on the power of “Citizen Science in the Digital Age,” with examples of projects that range from how crowdsourcing is speeding up Alzheimer’s research to […]

EVE Online gamers to join in exoplanet search through scientific collaboration

February 23, 2017

22 February 2017 – Reykjavik, Iceland – CCP Games today announced that the search for planets outside our solar system (AKA exoplanets) will come to their massively multiplayer online game EVE Online. This unique scientific […]

Citizen Science Games
News #1

February 10, 2017

When I launched Citizen Science Games two months ago, I was wondering if I would find enough content each week. The answer is YES and it was easy. There is a lot happening in the […]

Science and Games, a $500,000 games development challenge

February 3, 2017

Epic Games and Wellcome launch ‘Developing beyond’, a $500,000 games development challenge Epic Games and Wellcome are inviting games developers based in Europe to participate in a new $500,000 year-long development competition Developing Beyond. Developers […]

EVE Online’s foray into citizen science “the first of many”

January 28, 2017

CCP Games will continue to integrate citizen science research projects into EVE Online, following an enormously successful collaboration with the Human Protein Atlas and Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS). Read the full article by Matthew […]

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