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Games in Beta

3D puzzle


Help build models of brain cells

Mozak is a new citizen science discovery game in development about neuroscience. It has been developed by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington. Humans greatly outperform computers at tracing neurons that have delicate and highly branched structures that your eyes will distinguish far better. Scientists hope to discover new ideas that can be applied to ongoing research in the field. More about the game

Alien Game

Alien Game

Help find out how people solve complex problems

In the Alien Game, you need to find the right solution to the Alien puzzle. Use the menu to select possible moves and generate new solutions. Human seem much better at improving their performance than computer algorithms. How do they do it? Answering this question might help us to design better algorithms to solve very complicated problems like how to design a quantum computer. More about the game

Games in Alpha

3D puzzle


Solve the puzzles of perception and explore uncharted worlds

Neo invite people from around the world to solve the puzzles of perception and explore uncharted worlds. Neo is built by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute and connects citizen science with data collected by the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Baylor College of Medicine as part of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks program (MICrONs). More about the game

3D puzzle


Help develop the next generation of computers

meQuanics is developed for fun, but the citizen science game is based on the scientific principals governing quantum computation. Each 3D puzzle represents a real quantum algorithm that players need to optimize for a quantum computer to be realized with real quantum devices. Reducing the resources necessary for a quantum computer is one of the most urgent and important problems to make this technology a reality. More about the game


Quantum Minds

Help find out what’s on your mind when playing quantum game

Quantum Minds studies the human learning process as a player encounters gamified quantum physics problems. How do we solve the quantum challenge with little or no training in physics? Play Quantum Minds to help us answer this question! The goal is to play through four levels of increasing difficulty. This is no easy task, so don’t be easily discouraged! Also remember that every attempt is valuable data to scientists. More about the game

Prototypes of games


Quantum Shooter

Help scientist build a quantum computer

Quantum Shooter is a variant of Quantum Moves in which you simulate logical operations in a quantum computer. In Quantum Shooter, you are in a hostile environment! The gane is a shooter game inspired by Crimsonland. Armed with a simple gun, you are assaulted by relentless hordes of enemies. Seize the opportunity offered by the extremely powerful quantum weapon when you have the chance to reload. More about the game