Foldit Standalone: a video game-derived protein structure manipulation interface using Rosetta

May 5, 2017

Foldit Standalone is an interactive graphical interface to the Rosetta molecular modeling package. In contrast to most command-line or batch interactions with Rosetta, Foldit Standalone is designed to allow easy, real-time, direct manipulation of protein […]

Chefs Know More than Just Recipes: Professional Vision in a Citizen Science Game

March 26, 2017

Over the past decade there has been a rapid increase in the number of citizen science projects. Citizen science is now an accepted term for a range of practices that involve members of the general […]

To Help or Hinder
Real-time Chat in Citizen Science

March 23, 2017

Abstract: In this paper we investigate the implications of providing a real-time messaging interface in a Web-based citizen science game. Our study draws on data from two weeks of chat messages and survey responses collected […]

Getting it Right or Being Top Rank: Games in Citizen Science (preprint)

February 26, 2017

The use of games in citizen science is growing, but can create tension as gaming and science can be seen as incompatible areas of activity. For example, the motivations for winning a game and scientific […]

Gamers, citizen scientists, and data: Exploring participant contributions in two games with a purpose

February 19, 2017

Two key problems for crowd-sourcing systems are motivating contributions from participants and ensuring the quality of these contributions. Games have been suggested as a motivational approach to encourage contribution, but attracting participation through game play […]

Improving Citizen Science Games through Open Analytics Data

January 31, 2017

Video game developers make heavy use of “metrics” (or “analytics”) in order to understand the players’ actions. This serves to improve the games by identifying weaknesses in their design, such as sections of the games […]

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