We are joining the first Stall Catchers competition to #CrushALZ

Scientists are searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and we can help hands-on. Together with collaborators at Cornell, Berkeley, and Princeton, and with support from the BrightFocus Foundation, the Human Computation Institute has created EyesOnALZ, a citizen science project to fight Alzheimer’s. Their online game – Stall Catchers – is enlisting the help of public volunteers to speed up scientific.

Scientists at Cornell have recently made groundbreaking discoveries that reversed memory loss and improved other cognitive symptoms in animals with Alzheimer’s disease. But to find a treatment based on these discoveries that is safe for humans could take decades for researchers to do alone. Today Stall Catchers has 3,000 people playing the Stall Catchers game. Turning that number into 30,000 could speed up Cornell’s research by a factor of ten! With the help of volunteers they could find an Alzheimer’s treatment in just a few years.

EyesOnALZ is about to run its first Stall Catchers team competition and we can be part of it. The month-long competition will kick off on April 6th, immediately following the National Public Television premiere of The Crowd & The Cloud. This new mini-series about citizen science features EyesOnALZ & Stall Catchers in its first episode, and was created by one of the producers of the original COSMOS series with Carl Sagan!

Citizen Science Games is supporting the competition, join the CitSci Gamers team!

– go to http://stallcatchers.com/
– login or create your account
– join the CitSci Gamers team
– catch stalls and #CrushALZ

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