Join the CitSci Med Blitz!

CitSciMed Blitz

Join Cochrane Crowd, Mark2Cure and Stall Catchers for the CitSciMed Blitz. Together we can speed up medical research and make a difference.

Starting with a Webinar:

The CitSciMed Blitz starts on Wednesday the 21st of February with a Webinar. You’ll learn about the three projects, learn how your contribution helps biomedical research and get more information about the event. You can register for the webinar here.

Followed by three 24-hour online challenges:

26th Feb – 27th Feb:
Stall Catchers challenge: Stall Catchers is a citizen science game speeding up Alzheimer’s research. In the game, you’re analyzing movies from a live mouse brain, and looking for signs of stalls – clogged blood vessels.

28th Feb – 1st March:
Mark2Cure challenge: Mark2Cure is a citizen platform that enables volunteers to help in the process of biomedical discovery. Volunteers extract information from biomedical abstracts in order to help researchers find clues on a rare disease known as NGLY1-deficiency.

2nd March – 3rd March:
Cochrane Crowd challenge: Cochrane Crowd is a citizen science platform which aims at identifying studies that provide the best possible evidence of the effectiveness of a health treatment. Once identified by the Crowd the studies go into a central register where health researchers and practitioners can access them.

More info on the Cochrane Crowd website:

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